A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier.”
Mies van der Rohe

Architects have been recognized as key figures in furniture design since the
late 19th century, although they have certainly been designing furniture for
far longer. But what compels them to do so, and how does this kind of
design fit into a primarily architectural skills?

One obvious answer is that furniture can be considered part of an
architectural project. Designing a complete environment, both a building
and its contents, has long been held appeal for architects.
With the middle fabrication ground between one-off art objects and high volume
mass production now wide open, the architect-designed object
can operate in an entirely new way.

We begin with the idea of innovation and useful objects. With that in mind,
we do not create sculptural form for the sake of it, but instead look to
everyday objects.

The object is no less designed than a townhouse, but it is vastly more

From 3D printing, CNC to Rotocasting, we use different technologies to create
objects in order to design a range of object for us and others that everyone
can hold in her/his hand as a piece of architecture.
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