More than 20 billion postcards are posted in the world each year.
Despite the emergence of e-mails, then e-cards, this market has remained stable by defending true values.
Like the vinyl record that has regained considerable market shares compared to the mp3, at WOODHI, they've revisited the postcard to make it a real object that makes you want to post, offer, or collect it.
These cards are made of maple, a wood essence carefully chosen for its technical and aesthetic qualities. It is a common species naturally present in most continents and is not affected by deforestation. The forests from which the maple comes are sustainably managed and the wood they use is not treated.  Plus, wood rings are like digital fingerprints.
And to achieve this goal, they have approached each step with the same requirement and collaborated with designers + architects, beneath our design collection for WOODHI designed on iPad Pro with iPencil featuring Architectural cubicle shapes.
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