SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO is a Boutique Design Studio that bring Modern + Contemporary Design with Civic Engagement into its projects.
Established in 2007 the Studio has started to work several years in Research & Developpement with National agencies and Universities to patent different types of eco friendly polymers and innovative process of manufacturing for design + architecture. Those ecofriendly materials are now featured in International materials libraries and in U.S nationwide.
Today operating in New York City, the Studio's diverse portfolio in U.S. Big Cities and Towns, which features over several projects Green Building certification ‘LEED’ in Design + Architecture, comprises Commercial, Cultural, Residential, Retail, Hospitality, FF&E and Urban design.
The projects of Design + Architecture are designed with the latest BIM technologies 'Building Information Modeling', and Virtual Reality solutions "ISV Certified" allowing us to accelerate our project delivery for our clients. 
Through our different design projects our role is also to work for a civic engagement and design new opportunities to develop new communities and interests in their neighborhoods.
The Studio was exhibited in 2010 on the World Expo in Shanghai "Better City, Better Life" and featured at the 2016 Architectural Biennale of Venice.
SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO is labelised as 'Best for New York' company by the NYCEDC for its quality of design services and recognized as a 'Change Maker' for its social innovation, design research and sustainability engagement in its Architectural projects.

"We believe that in order to deal with today's challenges, Architecture must be involved into sustainable, resilient and human centered approches.
Each project is designed to resonate with its specific site and culture while addressing global themes such as reuse and sustainability.
In addition to creating transformative architecture, SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO  is dedicated to employing the tools, methods, and visionary capability of design to catalyze positive change through public engagement and advocacy.
The Studio remains highly engaged in and informed about the changing processes, technologies and standards of high-end design.
We have been on the forefront of important initiatives and are recognized leaders in the field, publishing influential articles and books, speaking widely on the topic and holding key positions in sustainablility organizations such as the USGBC, American Institute of Architects "New York Chapter"                                                                 
and The Architectural League of New York.

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